Loitering Specifics

Utah Code §53A-2-108 – School districts independent of municipal and county governments – School district name – Control of property.

“(1)      (a) Each school district shall be controlled by its board of education and shall be independent of municipal and county governments.


(2) The local school board shall have direction and control of all school property in the district.”

The only statute in the Utah Code that contains the word loiter is in §76-10-1302.

Utah Code §76-10-1302 – Prostitution

“(1) A person is guilty of prostitution when:


           (c) [he/she] loiters in or within view of any public place for the purpose of being hired to engage in sexual activity.”

Black’s Law Dictionary

Control: “1. To exercise power or influence over 2. To regulate or govern 3. To have a controlling interest in

Direction: “1. The course taken in relation to the point toward which something or someone is moving; a point to or from which a person or thing moves. 3. An act of guidance. 4. An order; an instruction on how to proceed. 5. The address to the court contained on a bill of equity. 6. A board of directors; a board of managers.

Loitering: “The criminal offense of remaining in a certain place (such as a public street) for no apparent reason. • Loitering statutes are generally held to be unconstitutionally vague.”

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