No Loitering

Loiter- “1. To stand idly about; linger aimlessly.  2. To proceed slowly or with many stops: loitered all the way home.  3. To delay or dawdle: loiter over a task. ” 

 “v. to linger or hang around in a public place or business where one has no particular or legal purpose. ”


Yesterday, a new sign popped up at a gazebo I frequent here in St. George, Utah.  The sign reads “No loitering 9 PM to 5 PM”.  To any intellectual beings, it is a reminder of a.) the ignorance of this community, and b.) the hypocrisy that runs abundant in this society. 


The gazebo, located at Tabernacle and 100 West, is part of the Washington County School District complex and blocks 100 West.  It serves no purpose that I can discern, and I have often wondered how it has legal bearing to even exist.  Who gave the county permission to close down a public street?


There are even benches located within the gazebo.  I often use them to rest in the shade and read a book.  In fact, I have been enjoying the gazebo now for at least four months now and have seen all sorts of people take a break on the benches.


I have never seen anyone loiter there- and I have often spent all day sitting on those public benches on that public property.


Now to understand the hypocrisy of the situation, one must understand a little about the heritage of St. George.  It was settled by LDS pilgrims as a cotton plantation.  The Christian theme is still strong.  Or at least at first glance.


See, most of the people who make use of the gazebo are in a word, homeless.  Now, being a Christian myself, I am under the impression form various different scripture that Christians are to treat others as they would have others treat them.  Here in St. George, it is common practice to shun those who have less.  This, coming from a people (Utahans) who lead the nation’s record for numbers of bankruptcy.


Anyway, the point is that it is obvious the sign was meant to read “No Homeless! Only Respectable Society Members Allowed”.


And what problems are we causing?  None of us are the stereotypical ‘bum’ as seen on TV.  We are not drunken obnoxious slobs.  We do not beg.  Most of us work daily and we are clean dressed.  In fact, many of us are highly educated individuals who have chosen liberty over the bondage of society.  There is a reason, after all, why the word society is the root of socialism and community/communism.

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