Weird Rituals

This year I was forced to observe the Independence Day (4th of July) on the 3rd.  The reason for this has yet to be discovered.  The rumor, or word on the street, is that the Mormons would not allow the City of Saint George, Utah to celebrate the event on a Sunday.  I was even told that the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the specific commandment to all members of the faith.


What a ridiculous comment to make.  I have actually researched the news archives at the Church of Jesus Christ website, and have not found any legitimate proof to conclude that the Church required its members to observe Independence Day on the 3rd this year. 

It is my personal belief, however that the city officials wanted to see a real firework display in Las Vegas on the 4th, so they scheduled local activities a day early.  I think it is as good a guess as any, and it makes more sense than the ones involving the “Mormons”.


It is my understanding, based on my experiences since moving to Saint George, Utah, that the general public here will blame the “Mormons” (LDS) for everything they don’t understand.  The jibes against the LDS, however, will continue to insult the intelligence, or lack of, considering that with a little effort the people would disprove such nonsense.


The Church of Jesus Christ, for instance, teaches the concept of “free agency”.  Free agency means that the individual person is free to choose for themselves how to manage their own lives and decisions according to their own conscience.


So why do the people of Saint George, Utah, insist on restricting the agency of the people by closing public services for the LDS holiday “Pioneer Day”?


And how weird is this holiday?  To idolize a people, who according to the Church doctrines and history, were too evil to follow the commandments of their God that He commanded that they should go west to what is now Salt Lake and Utah.

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