What is a Blog?

While reading through the August 2004 issue of Writer’s Digest, I happened across an article about Blogs.  The article itself never explained the Blog, it only referenced it as a means of modern publication.  The article sparked my curiosity enough to interest me on the spot and I logged onto the World Wide Web for more information.  The magazine article mentioned Blogger.com so off I went.  Unable to find any information on what a Blog is, I reverted to the old standby of computer learning, experience.  So here it is, my own Blog, whatever that means.

One Reply to “What is a Blog?”

  1. masturbating one’s brain
    i dont understand why you wrote that,
    but i find it flatering, that one, for instance, should concile with what is, and swim in what was. “one should think more than he who talks”. might is the tool of consequence, and no poor should remain silent about his sadness, no god is enough for the poor.
    save the fuckin world

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