Abuse of Authority

As I engage in my daily activities, I am constantly bombarded by civil/government officials/agents abusing the privileges they have been entrusted with. Such activities are abominations and treasonous, i.e. a librarian who assumes authority over the people who use the library.

Who does the librarian derive such authority from?

Through the process of delegation, the American Citizen empowers all public entities and charges them with certain limited responsibilities. For instance, the librarian is charged with managing books and other library property. Likewise, the Forrest Service is charged with managing the trees, the President manages the military, etc.

For example, the Washington County Library has a rule that children are not allowed in the computer room. They also have a rule that children are not allowed within the library unattended by an adult. The Library has never been empowered with making these rules, nor have they been authorized to enforce such unlawful rules. Yet the rules are posted and librarians are quick to judge and jury the parents, depriving them of their unalienable right to manage themselves and their children.

Rarely a day goes by that I do not witness this abusive assumed authority at the Library. Yet, their limit of powers restrict them to dealing with library property. That means that they can buy, sale or trade books (or any other library property); replace or repair damaged books (etc.); establish reasonable rules governing the property; and to inform patrons of complaints.

So why are these people assuming responsibilities not granted to them by the sovereignty?

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