Skinny Little Cutie

One of my favorite pastimes here at the library is girl watching. Despite the rudeness and stuck-up nature of the girls in St. George, Utah, there are a few cuties. I’m sitting next to one now. In fact I think I might be developing a crush on her despite the fact that she is soooo skinny and she’s a blonde. Kinda tall too, and probably still growing.

I see her often as one of the regulars here. She’s not homeless though, too clean and cute for that. Every time I see her I think I ought to take her home with me. I sometimes get home and think I forgot to bring her. How weird is that? Kind of a funny thought though. I don’t know what I would do with her except make her belly get bigger;) Not that I wouldn’t want to, apparently I do. Go figure.

Well, I do see her on a daily basis, and you know how that kind of situation tends to let people grow on you. She doesn’t appear to be much of a reader though. Well here I go trying to focus on the bad things in a person instead of the good things. She has a tendency to write on her hands and such- I feel compelled at this particular time to press the “button” with the label “press here” drawn on her hand. But, I am afraid of what will happen if I do. This is hilarious. A grown man like me acting like a teenager!

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