Weekend Movies 01

Well, I finally got to Spider-man 2. I’ve been waiting for it to get to the dollar theater. I remember the first one had real bad effects and featured what I call “Rubberman” for most of the scenes. Well, I looked for Rubberman in Spider-man 2 and only saw a few times. Perhaps they fire him before the next movie. Come to think of it, he should get his own movie, they can call it Rubberman.

I saw Spider-man 2 on Saturday. On Sunday I suffered through Collateral. That was a wasted buck-fifty. It wasn’t just the cinematography that sucked either. The acting, directing, writing, plot, storyline, character development all lacked. I can’t find a single good thing about this movie. In short I can say that however you felt about Phonebooth, you’ll feel about Collateral. They were one and the same to me.

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