The Food Critique 001

Tonight, my brother-in-law took me, my youngest sister, mom, and one other sister and all applicable kids (four total – their two and my other sisters two) out eat. It was for helping them yesterday.

We went to Sizzler and I had the steak and all-you-can-eat shrimp. It was good. I suspect that if I had been raised eating good steak, I would probably be like it like everyone else in the world seems to. Though I only ordered the steak for the shrimp, I did eat it and I did like it. My dad fixes a great steak. I wasn’t raised with him though, and I do prefer a good burger to the finest steak.

Anyway, the steak was almost as good as Dad’s and I now have a few good reasons to reconsider steak as an option for beef. The shrimp was popcorn of course and gobbled up several platefuls. It was a very enjoyable meal and I think it was indeed worth both the money my sister brother-in-law paid for it, and the all the lifting and carrying I did for them yesterday.

Thanks a lot guys.

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