Commercial Babes

I’ve been watching a lot of television lately since I came to Sick City, Idaho. There’s sure a lot of cute girls on the ole boob-tube. I especially like girls on commercials. I call them commercial babes.

First, I would like to mention that sexy vixen on a State Farm Insurance ad. You know the one where the girl’s trying to get out of a parallel parking spot and hits both the car in front and behind her? That chic is so hot.

She’s an oldy, but a cutie. That girl on the KY ad. You know, the one that says “That’ll work”.

How about those girls on that birth control ad. I hate that ad. Those sweeties are gorgeous, but they’re advertising birth control. To me, that completely contradicts the point of being a beautiful woman. They are babes though.

Those Burger King commercial’s with the business people sport a hottie. Not the black lady who’s man enough to order the Angus something sandwich, but the sexy one who’s always in the background. She’s the only girl in the one where the boss has to fire one of them.

And I love that ad for Dodge Caravan. Another oldy, but cutie. “Daddy just had to get a motorcycle. Didn’t he?

There’s also that AOL ad with all those people asking for disaster with their computers. I like the one with the girl sitting in front of the window. It’s just a quick shot and she doesn’t say anything. She’s just sitting there looking pretty. And pretty she is.

My favorite woman is the girl who checks her armpits to see if they’re soft. I can’t remember what it’s advertising- women’s razor or something. I could fall in love with that perfect beauty.

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