Discouraging Career Choice

I got this laptop to finish writing my books. It was meant to be my ‘ticket to the future’. Too bad I’m too discouraged about writing in this day-in-age. I mean what’s the point? The day of the second coming of Jesus Christ is here. We don’t know what hour he will come, but we do know it’s coming, and soon.

What purpose would it be for me to spend so much time struggling to achieve my (second) greatest dream. To be a published story writer. A novelist. A best-selling author. With the second coming afoot, it will never happen no matter how hard I work, God’s plans don’t include me achieving materialistic temporal dreams.

Even if I did have time to finish my plans, who’s going to be interested in reading them in the new millennium? Life is going to be perfect for those who survive or are resurrected. Their not going to waste time reading my stories. They’ll be doing God’s work in the temple and reading righteous, glory-to-god books, like scriptural stories. Not one person will be interested in fictional stories like the ones I write.

It seems like such a waste of time to put so much effort into something that just wont last, or be worth anything in the future. Every time I think about doing some writing, I’m reminded of the time it takes and the time I have. The second coming signs have already started and I know that not one generation will pass from the first sign and Jesus’s arrival. That’s a twenty-five year or so time limit. And a lot of things still have to happen. Earthquakes and a lot of death and destruction.

My stories just don’t serve God’s purpose. Who would read them if they did?

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