Fear Factor

Tonight my favorite cutie on Couples Fear Factor was sent home with her pathetic partner. I’ve been rooting for them all along because she was the cutest, nicest, and hottest girl on the show. Like the rest of America, I didn’t like the idiotic dumb-ass that was with her. I can’t remember if she was married to the guy or not, but I really think that she deserves better. They could have left that show a whole lot richer if he had just kept his mouth shut. If fact if he hadn’t egged that other dip-shit on, they wouldn’t have gotten picked on and singled out so much. They could have and most likely would have won the show. I was rooting for her, but he just screwed it up bad.

She is such a total babe and a wonderful woman. I’d do anything for a girl like her. For that guy to treat her that way, regardless of whether or not he was on national television, was wrong and uncalled for. I wanted to pound his face in and rip his balls off. No girl should ever be treated that way by a lover. I really hope she leaves him.

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