Thank Goodness for Little Girls

I love little girls. There the best. I wish I had a dozen of them. I do, in fact, have five nieces that I love and who seem to love me back. It’s a great time when I’m with them. I have a lot of fun and I hope they do to. I like to be their personal jungle-gym or monkey bars. I love the way little girls giggle and play. And smile and laugh. I love how they’re small and ticklely. And soft and cuddlely. Loving and trusting. Happy and energetic. Little girls are the best. Let me have a dozen of them. Give me another two dozen.

Special thanks to all the little girls who have touched my heart throughout my life. There’s been Lydia, Michael, Elizabeth, Rachel, Miriam, Debby, Janae, Ada, Darla, Hanna, Jesse, Melissa, Keora, Delcie, Tishel, Ellise, Hope, Tamyra, Sarah, Shirly, April, Jessica, Sara, Rachael, and Krista.

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