The Movie Critique 001

I’ve been thinking about critiquing the movies I see for a while. I’m not sure why I haven’t started yet, but now is as good a time as any I guess.

My sister got here family the DVD of The Incredibles of Easter so I got a chance to see it. Normally I avoid watching Disney movies, most of their material is inappropriate for general audiences, however, Pixar uses Disney for financing and distribution, and they make great motion pictures. I can’t wait until they can fully cut that ugly Disney umbilical.

The Incredibles was o.k. I did expect better images from Pixar. I was disappointed by the false advertising-probable the fault of Disney, they are known for that-the trailer for the movie advertised retired superheroes coming out of retirement and the comical events that may ensue. I also disliked what I call the Kubrick shots. There were plenty of long unnecessary shots that I felt just didn’t belong in the movie. The Pixar comedy that we have come to love was lacking also-their early movies were so much better.

Overall it had some great original gags and comic events, it was fun and had a wonderful plot and storyline and awesome character development. Compared to other movies in general, it was excellent, compared to other Pixars, it wasn’t so good.

Same Old, Same Old

It didn’t take me long to get back in my old routine. I realize how much I actually enjoy about this stupid place. There’s still a lot I dislike (wind, hypocrites), but I feel good down here. I still haven’t got a bicycle yet, so I’ve been walking the 2 hour trek into town every morning and back home every night. I should be able to pick up a bike at Target this afternoon. If they still have one, I called yesterday and was told that they did have one left.

I didn’t want to, but I have even been spending a lot of time at the Dixie Care & Share. I stopped in to see all my friends and help out a bit both yesterday and today. It’s on the way to the library where I spend most of my time.

I’ve even picked up where I left off in a David Eddings series I was reading before I left. I can say that even after three days it is as if the past three months never happened.

Blistery Foots

Well, I’m back in Satan George, Utah. I got back yesterday and went to K-mart to get a new bicycle. They didn’t have any though so I walked on over to Target. They didn’t have any either. I guess the ‘good’ (presumably) people of Satan George, Utah like to buy bicycles this time of year. Funny thing though, the only people you see riding bikes here are tiny children in driveways or the homeless who get theirs secondhand. So who’s buying the men’s 26″ new bikes?

Anyway, my feet are blistered. It takes about two hours to walk home every night and about an hour and a half coming down in the morning. The shoes I wear were not made for walking. I got them the day I took my new 21 speed back to Wal-Mart in Washington. It was poring rain that day and the shoes I had on were soaked clear through. I was not about to walk 16 or so miles home in wet shoes. I would have been better off I think now. At least they were designed to be walked in.

Well, I should have a new bike by the end of the week. My poor little foots. They’ll have to endure this excruciating discomfort for few more days.

I also have a bright sunburn out of the deal. I have a about a weeks growth of hair on top, but it’s still not long enough to help against the constant sunshine. It’s no big deal; sunburns don’t last long on me. Depending on how severe it is, it usually disappears in a day or two. Sometimes it peals, that’s the worst of it. I’ll shave tomorrow and that should take of any dead skin.

Countdown to My Return

Well, I’m finally going back to Satan George, Utah. I’m being rescued from Sick City, Idaho on Sunday and, after a night in Salt Lake City, Utah, should arrive in Satan George, Utah sometime Monday. Yippy! The funny thing is that I hate Satan George, Utah just slightly less than I hate Sick City. The wind never stops down there. It’s the one thing on this world that has no purpose in this world. Wind is nothing but consequential. It exists only as a reaction. It is the worst part of Satan George, Utah. It’s a measure of how much I hate Sick City, Idaho that I would choose wind and everything else that I’ve complained about in Satan (there’s nothing ‘saint’ about it) George,Utah over Sick City.