Idiotic Assumption

Yesterday, a friend mentioned his boss could use another guy. I was informed that one the guys on the three man crew had not shown up for work and would be fired this morning. As I understand it, the boss asked my friend if he knew anyone. He thought of me and I agreed to give it a shot.

The boss took one look at me and started making excuses why I shouldn’t work for him. The job was lawn maintenance (running weed whackers and lawnmowers). He never even asked if I had done it before, he just knew he didn’t want me. He immediately started telling me how he needed someone with years of experience running a weed whacker and how it was a precision skill that must be trained.

I saw his equipment, there wasn’t a single one I haven’t been proficient with since I was 8 years old. I told the guy running a weed whacker was a no-brainer and told him he either wanted my help or he didn’t. After another runaround, I left.

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