Singles Ward

I attended a singles ward this weekend. I’ve avoided them for years because I detest them so much. As fate would have it, I was visiting a friend who asked me to go to church with him. I knew he was in a normal ward, so I said sure. He’s new to the church scene and needed the support.

So we get to the church house, and flags are going off in my mind. This was not a regular LDS building and there were no children accompanying the adults that entered the church house. It didn’t take a brain-surgeon to figure it out. The building was as close to Dixie College as it could get.

As turns out, the fact he didn’t tell me was that some girls he had met at the previous Sunday’s fireside had invited him to go to their ward. Had my friend told me that, I would have known immediately that it was a singles ward and refused to go.

Not that there is anything wrong with singles (or college) wards. Though they exist out of iniquity, the Church does endorse and administer them. Then again, the Church itself as it exists today is a result of the wickedness of the members.

Like the story of the Moses and the 10 Commandments, the early members of the Church of Jesus Christ were so wicked that instead of enduring the persecution in Missouri, they were given a less righteous alternative of moving the Church to what is now Salt Lake City, Utah. Likewise, single members who refuse to get married and start a family become so uncomfortable attending services with congregations comprised of families that they just stop going.

Singles wards are good then for those people. After all, God would rather they followed some commandments rather than none at all. Hence the Church was given singles wards to keep otherwise unrighteous members righteous.

Despite the fact that I despise such wards, I’ll keep going with my friend until he feels comfortable going himself. After all, God would rather he followed some commandments rather than none at all.

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