The Movie Critique 002

On Monday, I watched National Treasure. Now, being a supreme law advocate and knowing as much as I do about our country and how and why it exists, I have to start by saying: What a crock of shit! Contrary to the propaganda of the film, our forefathers were NOT part of a secret society. And there are at least a dozen facts to prove it. That aspect of the movie was totally over the top.

Despite such an idiotic “mistake”, the plot was good. The characters were great and the acting fantastic. I enjoyed the story and the action, I wish there were more movies like this. . . without the propaganda of course. To make things even better, even though it was a Disney movie, there was no unnecessary sexually explicit material, so that just made it even better.

The tie-in with the founding fathers was the worst part of the movie and the least thought out. Think about it, if they had the ability and foresight to include an invisible treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence using special ink that would last forever, wouldn’t they have used a better ink for the document itself? And does anyone actually believe that a struggling group of British colonies would hide the very wealth that could buy their independence-mercenaries, treaties, bribes to the crown, etc. Give me a brake!

The worst part of this film is that I know the majority of the public will suck this bullshit propaganda right up. I mean, the filmmakers could have at least read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, had they done so, they would have gotten a better insight to the type of characters our forefathers really were.

Secret society my ass. Come on people do a little research for a change.

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