Chelsea From Bus 44

Wow, yesterday at lunchtime, bus 44 of the Washington County School District unloaded a group of student at Worthen Park here in Satan George, Utah. There was a woman in that group that the others all called Chelsea. I am in love with Chelsea. Well, not really, I didn’t get to meet her like I would have liked too, she was too busy with everyone else. She seemed very popular. She was sure fun to look at though.

I have always maintained that I prefer brunettes with a Skipper doll body, but the truth of the matter is that I am attracted to any and nearly all women who show interest in me. As it turns out, Chelsea is a blonde with huge . . . well, lets just say she was well-endowed. I don’t normally care for that large of necessities, but she sure showed interest in me. I enjoyed eye-flirting with her, I wish I could have gotten my card to her. I’m sure she’ll have some very pretty babies and a lucky husband someday.

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