Rexburg Dreams

It’s days like yesterday that give me reason to long for Rexburg. For those of you who don’t know, Rexburg, Idaho is a College town home to BYU Idaho (formally known as Ricks College). What makes me long for Rexburg are the girls. Rexburg girls are the greatest, cutest, nicest girls in the world. They come from all over the country fresh out of high school in all their radiant perfections.

Those Duchesne girls yesterday were good lookers, but Utah rude. Since coming to Utah I’ve notice most- no all of the girls down here are rude, snobbish, materialistic bitches. I have yet to approach a woman in this town and get a smile let alone a polite verbal greeting. Instead, they display contentment and downright hatred.

Yesterday, while I was writing my previous blog, one of the beauties used her mitt to dislodge a toy of some kind from a tree. The toy, a homemade rocket on a string, had been in the tree for a week. I was happy she got it out and smiled and told her how long it had been there. She and another girl that was with her stopped what they were doing a stared at me in revolution, as though I were some kind of monster or demon who dared make utterance in their presence.

That really hurt my feelings. It’s not like I was coming on to her, I just made a friendly comment. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to receive a curtious response. So what if she thought that, for whatever her reasons, she was better than me, that reaction was uncalled for. What’s wrong with being polite despite whatever she was thinking?

Rexburg girls would never have acted like that. Come to think of it, I doubt girls from any other state would have been so mean. Idaho girls certainly aren’t like that. I’m used to girls being cute and flirtatious. Had they been Idaho girls yesterday, I have no doubt at least one to five of them would have come over to meet me. They would have been friendly and polite. I could have had a good time surrounded by a group of pretty softball payers yesterday instead of experiencing such a horrid rejection.

This isn’t something new. Like I wrote above, it’s been that way since I first came to Satan George, Utah over a year and four months ago. The girls down here are so materialistic, I think that has a lot to do with it. St. George, Utah is a college town, yet you never see a student with a backpack. You never see a student riding a bike or walking to the college. And they rarely carpool. When these girls see a guy, like me, with a backpack and a bike, regardless of the fact that the backpack is a Targus and I’m typing away on an IBM ThinkPad, they assume the worst. I’m not good enough for them because I don’t drive a car and my cellphone doesn’t fold.

Perhaps they’ll learn someday. Utah is, after all, the bankrupt capitol of the world.

In Rexburg, its not uncommon to see students walking or riding bikes. The girls don’t seem to make judgments on what kind of possessions you own or where you live. They get to know you and then make their decisions. And the best part about Rexburg is that the girls never get older.

I really do want to move back to Rexburg, Idaho. The only problem is that my worst- and only enemy lives there now. He won’t be there forever though, and the girls should still be the world best when he leaves.

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  1. I think that girls are the same all over the world (despite different cultures). I study at school of management here in Slovakia. Here are mostly children of reach people. Girls are self-confident, cocky, well dressed and rude.

    Those understood your comment as hitting on them. I think the main problem of your disappointing “conversation” is that you are not cute enought to them to be nice on you :).
    Everytime we look at new person we make a judgement. You know the look of a girl when she is attracted in you? 🙂


  2. I actually thought about that while I was writing this entry. However, I remembered that all of the five Slovak women I’ve known were at least courteous enough to acknowledge me. 3 out of the 5 were actually friendly enough to talk to me a great deal. Make no mistake, none of the “rude” foreign women I know are as bad a Utahan.

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