Creation GCA #2

It didn’t take long before the conversation around the first evening’s campfire turned to the creation of the Canyon. There are a lot preconceived notions floating around, and I am often disappointed at the acceptance of some of the more radical and unprovable accusations that are taught as fact.

Grand Canyon “Officials” are teaching that the canyon took several billions of years to form. Their theory is that sediments collected on the ocean floor over several of those years and that the actual forming of the canyon happened over several more when the crust of the earth was heaved up allowing the Colorado River to drain through it eroding sediments as it went.

One of the trip companions went as far as to say that it was quite obvious that it had taken billions of years to form, and that it would be very hard for someone to argue the Bible’s point of view of a seven thousand year [day] creation.

Science and religion both have disproved him and all the other idiots who believe such nonsense. I responded by telling him I thought it was very easy to make that case. And it is.

One thing the ignorant do when reading scripture is not accepting the spirit in which it was written and intended to be read. If you sit down and prayerfully study scripture to gain knowledge, you’ll receive it. Concerning the creation, there are two important books one must study; the Book of Abraham, and the Book of Enoch. Though there are several other books that deal with the topic, these two contain in depth revelations concerning the sciences that have been reveled since the time before the flood [the time of Enoch].

The Book of Abraham, found in the LDS publication of the Pearl of Great Price, details, among several other facts, the relationship of our time with that of God’s time. In Abraham, we learn that one thousand years in our time is somewhat equal to one day in the Lord’s time. To explain this, we are shown how the existence of our world [universe] is located, at a much smaller scale, within a portion if His.

Think of it as a group of us forming a council and using a meeting room and creating a working model of our world or universe. That model, though a great deal smaller would exist within a small portion of our own world. Now lets say our model will run at a rate of one thousand years per day. Such is the relationship between our existence and God’s. And He to His God.

Once you get past the billion years idiocy, a more plausible solution presents itself. Trying to explain this proved difficult only because my companions wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise. I informed them that the only reason their billion years theory existed was to discredit the bible, which is the truth.

When you remove the billion year time-frame the tangible facts that remain coincide with scripture. They say, for instance, the Canyon is comprised of several layers of sediment from a time when the area was submerged under water. No controversy there, we know that there was a time that every single rock on this planet was submerged under water. Not to mention the fact that during the Flood the world was broken up so that portions that may have been submerged since creation were raised up in the after math.

The fact is, that that one incident mentioned in the Bible explains every single, tangible fact about the Grand Canyon as preached by the “officials”.

Modern scientific understanding concurs. Not only is the surface of Earth comprised of at least two-thirds water, but it has been proved that every rock, whether “dry” or not contains a certain amount of water. Laboratories have used immense pressure to squeeze out droplets of water from pure rock just as you may do with a sponge. Just as a god may do to extract enough water to baptize a planet. Scientists now believe that given enough pressure canyons such as the Grand Canyon may be formed within a month or shorter time-frame. After all, what happens to sedimentary mud when dried? It gets hard, like rock. Add pressure and it becomes rock.

Another comment by my most vigorous opponent was to think about how long it would take us to terraform another planet. (I know what your thinking, that this person has a serious lack of intelligence, but, believe it or not, he purports to be some kind of professor at one of Utah’s public colleges.) The best response (and yes, there are many) is, sure taking our [mankind’s] current understanding and technology, it would be easy to assume such a feat would take us thousands if not billions of years. But then, a hundred years ago, something as simple as landing on the moon would have been considered impossible. The fact is that technology is not a constant. Who knows how we’ll think in another hundred (or even ten) years from now.

And what about God? Don’t you think that He, who has the power and authority to create “worlds without end”, would have at His disposal more advanced equipment and technology?

Well, whether you chose to accept [believe in] God or not, let the facts stand for themselves. We have writings that have been around for thousands of years and stood the test of time. Those who believe in the billion years theory [idiocy] weren’t there all those billions of years ago. They don’t have a written history of a billion year formation, so how can they preach it as fact?

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