Day of Marriages

I got up late today. My bike ride into town was a little hotter than what I am used to, so I planned to stop in at the county library. I was a bit early for that though so I kept on toward the city park I call my office.

Just as I neared the park I was feeling thirsty and desired something cold. I knew the fountains at the park were broken and no longer provided the normal ice-cold water. The thought occurred to me to go to the fountain behind the temple, next to the restroom. So, before I got to the park, I detoured to the temple.

My path took me past the back doors of the temple where one door has been set aside for newlyweds to exit the temple and another for the entrance for baptisms. As I approached, I noticed a large gathering. People waiting for newlyweds.

I thought this was great, I had never been on temple ground when couples were getting married. So, after my drink, which turned out just as warm as the park fountain would have been, I sat on a bench under a nearby tree and waited to see my first look at a newlywed couple emerge to greet their ex-families as husband and wife.

As it turned out, I watched several newlyweds exit the temple. It was kinda fun. There were a lot of pretty girls, but I received my usual rejection. I guess courtesy and politeness is just as God-forbidden on temple ground as it is anywhere else in Satan George, Utah.

Anyway, I was there from just before nine in the morning to just after noon. After which, I came to my usual spot in the park where I just watched an actual wedding take place in the park gazebo. I don’t know how that couple will remember their wedding day though, with the U.S. socialist party congregated in the southwest corner.

Democrats! There are about thirty of them and they have a really bad band blaring horrible sounds. The drummer has a mohawk. The whole group of them are quite the distraction.

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