Daylight Savings GCA #1

The first observation relevant to a trip to the Grand Canyon one might make is the time change. On this topic, I agreed with the others. The concept of Daylight Savings is just pure stupidity. Many people already complain about the Daylight Savings/Standard time changes that occur twice a year for most of the States of America. It is more apparent when one travels. And even more so when traveling to, or through, Arizona, which does not endorse the idiocy.

Traveling from the East, one must make a two hour adjustment from America’s Central Time Zone in the summer when Arizona’s time is the same as the Pacific Time Zone. Coming from the North, we had to change back to Mountain Standard Time to acquire the correct local time. What a menagerie.

It seems to be the conventional wisdom on the matter that the United States adopted the concept of Daylight Savings, and purposed it to the States of America, for the purpose of ‘helping farmers’. Does anybody even know a single farmer that benefited from Daylight Savings? What farmer exists in this country (or any other country for that matter) who doesn’t use the sun as his measure of time? Every farm animal and plant rises with the sun. Nowadays a farmer can just turn on a number of lights if he is unable to finish his work by the time the sun sets.

Anyway, Daylight Savings is useless and in most cases a major hindrance. I admire Arizona for standing against the United States in their attempt to proscribe the law outside the their jurisdiction. It is disappointing, however, that such resistance may also create further unnecessary inconveniences.

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