Introduction to GCA

I spent the past week at Mather Campground in the Grand Canyon National Park. I have some good and some bad things to say about the experience and topics that came up during the trip. I plan to write about ten articles concerning the Grand Canyon covering all three spiritual, scientific, and political aspects in a somewhat chronological order.

Many of the Grand Canyon Articles (GCA) I intend to write were inspired by actual conversation with the people who were present on the trip. Keep in mind, that my companions on the trip are ignorant, unintelligent, LDS hypocrites, who consider any utterance from me radical, blasphemous, and just plain stupid. They are incompetent fools, who reject my knowledge and wisdom for their own convenient idiocies so, for the most part, I ignored their frivolous debates and filed away the controversy for the purpose of these articles. ‘When the student is ready’ after all.

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