Rejection Day

I think I’ll start referring to Sunday as rejection-day. Two Sundays ago my normal seat at the Worthen Park was occupied so I went down the road to temple grounds. I don’t like going there because there is no shade, the benches are uncomfortable, the ground is always wet, there are way too many bugs, and all the electric outlets are too far away. I go there for the one thing it has that the city park doesn’t; The pretty LDS girls.

I know I’m just setting myself up for disappointment every time I go there, and my reasons not to go there out number that one good reason. And how “good” is my reason for going there? Those girls, though members of my church, are still, first and foremost, St. [Satan] George girls; ever unwilling to look in my direction or accept a courteous greeting.

I do have a bit of gratitude that should be mentioned. There have been a grand total of four greetings I have received from woman since coming to Satan George, Utah on January 8th 2004. The first was mistake, and the woman visibly shuttered when she realized what I was. (On a bicycle ride with a friend we stopped at the old hospital so he could make a phone call. I was siting in the lobby nearby when the woman came in. As the doors opened I looked up and smiled at the pretty girl. Having not had a chance to really look at me she smiled back and said hi. That’s when she noticed who [what] I was and promptly left.) The second was a girl at the library who had noticed me checking her out. (When she looked at me, I smiled and (here’s the part I’ll never forget) she smiled back, took a step toward me, waved, and said hi. I was so stunned, being used to rude rejections that I just stared at her and said hi, I (me of all people!) couldn’t say thing! The girl saw my hesitation and actually ran away! Oh the rejection she must have felt. There is only two or three things in life I’d wish I could change, that was one of them.) The last two happened yesterday while I was on temple grounds. The one I’m most grateful for was a courtesy. She wasn’t interested in me, she wanted to sit on the bench right in front of me. Since I was watching her approach and smiling at her she smiled and said hi, sat down and proceeded to do what she had come for. She stands as proof that it is alright for a woman to be nice without worrying about unwanted advances. And believe me, there was a reason I was watching her approach. She’s one of those girls I wish I could give anything for.

One thing I noticed yesterday, and have to mention because it really makes me mad is when a guy shows up with more than one girl. What the hell are they thinking? What, one girl’s not good enough for him? One guy showed up yesterday with four girls! Four! As if that’s not bad enough those women followed him around like little lost puppies. These were beautiful LDS college girls. What were they thinking? This guy was so desirous that they were willing to share him? I will never understand that. Like there are no other guys in the world; he’s the only one who can satisfy them. Like I wasn’t right there. I would have given anything for any one of his harem. Another man’s trash eh? The whole thing is a major disrespect to women.

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