The Cutest Ad

Last week I picked up the library copy of Seventeen July 2005 issue. Toward the beginning is an ad that I just had to fall in love with. I think it’s one of the best original ads I’ve ever seen. The ad is for the United States Air Force and can be found on page 19.

At the top of the page it reads: “Girls often dream about the day they’ll change their name.” Then there’s a picture of a well doodled school notebook page with her name preceded by 15 different ranks of the USAF, one rank and name per line. The list starts with Airman Basic Sarah Lassiter at the top and progresses all the way to General Sarah Lassiter at the bottom. All surrounded by pretty little flowers, harts and 3d boxes.

The bottom caption reads: “As a woman in the United States Air Force, you’ll change what people call you every time you grow through the ranks. There are over 150 career fields in the USAF, providing limitless possibilities to lead. When you enlist, you will automatically be enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force so you’ll start your career receiving the higher education and leadership skills to move you up in the rank further and faster.”

Though it will always be better for a girl to change her name the old-fashion way (through marriage) you have to admit, this is a cute, well thought out ad.

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