The Movie Critique 006

Before I went on vacation, I saw Pacifier. Vin Diesel is such a bad actor. However, I did enjoy the show. I liked the dance thing that ended up being the pass-code to Ghost. It was far-fetched and anything but plausible, but it was done in the spirit of the original Walt Disney movies that Walt himself used to make.

On Monday, I saw Fever Pitch. It really isn’t anything to write about. Drew sure is looking old, She’s nothing like the knockout she was fifteen years ago. The movie wasn’t what I was expecting. Judging by the preview I thought it was going to be this wonderful romance-comedy where everything is going so well and then wammo, we find out he’s a crazed fan. It wasn’t at all like that. Instead it’s more of a drama where the couple have to work though his obsession with a ball team.

On Tuesday, I saw Guess Who. Again, this movie wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting a raunchy racist-trash movie, something you’d expect from Ben Stiller. Instead, I got a decent movie. I’ll never believe that people like that exist in real life, but they do make for an entertaining movie. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed the movie for the most part.

Yesterday, I saw The Amityville Horror. It could have been better. It would have better if they hadn’t tried to confine them to the actual “true story”. I would have changed it from a 28 day time-frame, where none of the scenes lead to the next, to a single night time-frame to make it more plausible. I think the makers of this film could have benefited a great deal by watching some of the classic horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the Thirteenth.

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