The Private Dog Run

I dislike dogs. I have always liked cats better. I thinks cats are the coolest animal ever. Cats are better for a number of reasons, however, a few of the better points are that they can be potty trained, they attack people, and don’t require a lot of space.

Dogs, need space. Plain and simple, they need to run and play. They’re big animals and therefore require far more space than the cat. If you don’t have the necessary space, you should not have a dog. Gods are good on farms, and areas with large fenced lawns, but have no place in cities.

Everyday I see people who haven’t got the means to take care of their dogs. Instead, they bring retched animals to the city park and turn them loose. What does every dog do while at a public park? They run up to other people either playfully or not and the owners always sit back and yell at their dog as though it knows any better. This is followed by a weak apology.

But what are these owners sorry for? I doubt any of them understand. Are they sorry to their dogs, for binging them to the park with all these people to play with or attack and then yelling at them? Or are they sorry for the disturbance to the people who have to the park to enjoy the peace pleasures? Are they sorry that all these people are playing in their dogs personal shit yard?

It is obvious they are not sorry for the reasons they should be. They are not sorry they cannot take proper care of the animal. They are not sorry for all the children and others who play and role in the grass the dogs have just defecated in. They are not sorry for bringing there poor animals to a public park.

They are certainly not sorry for all of us who have to use their private dog run as our public park. In my opinion, I think animal control should round up all you idiots who bring your dogs to public parks and put you to sleep. Or better yet, let me do it.

Alas, that would be anarchy, justice yes, but anarchy none the less. So I tolerate you ignorants and the way you treat your dogs and your disrespect for our rights and the liberty you exercise, lest I be a hypocrite. I cannot force you, after all, to use common courtesy, or to exercise thought.

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