Fagots to Eunuchs?

I hate fagots.

Here in Satan George, Utah there are a plethora of fagots. I had to stop going to the county library because a fagot found out he could sit across from me and hope I’d notice him. Now, I’m forced to leave the park because they’ve started to hang out there hoping I’ll swoon over them the way they do over me. It seems I attract fags like shit attracts flies.

Queers have hurt a lot of men with the continual acceptance of the iniquitous behavior. I believe that one of the major reasons I cannot attract a girl in Satan George, Utah is because there are so many fagots here that when the girls see a nice-dressed, clean-cut guy, like myself, they assume he’s one of them. A fagot. A queer. A gay. A homo.

The problem is that most of the fagots I’ve encountered in Satan George, Utah have not been the stereotypical, nice dressed, movie-style ass-rammer. A few look like they spend time at the gym. Most of them are slobs and old men, who couldn’t get a girl if their life depended on it. I guess the joke’s on them since their life does depend on it, for all of them.

Not a day goes by that I do not receive a certain amount of “catcalls” and whistles from queers who drive past. What testimony do they expect I’ll give God concerning them on their judgment days.

In the past, living in Idaho, I never had any dealings with this sort of behavior. There, nice-dressed, clean-cut guys such as myself are a prize among woman. Then, I didn’t have a problem with the idiots. Then, it didn’t involve me. Now, I’d give anything in this world to castrate a few. What pleasure I fantasize about seeing the look on their faces as I use the most painful ways imaginable to tear their genitals from their bludgeoned, groveling bodies. 🙂

But alas, a more retched fate awaits them in eternal hell and damnation without me glorifying myself to their temporal destruction. And, though I would like to see them eradicated, killing them would deny to them opportunities to repent.

I’d just like them to leave me alone with the ladies.

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