Ill Health

I may have a cold. I’m not sure, my sinuses seem fine, but I’m sure feeling funny. Hypo-sensitive. Drowsy. My whole body seems drained and weak. I get this way when I take Benadryl, only without the headache. I thought I may have had a fever yesterday, but I have no way to tell. I don’t feel like eating either, though I am hungry.

It may not be a cold. Three days ago, I got bitten or stung by something I never saw. It stung like a bee, but I watched it and it didn’t swell up or anything (I am allergic to bee stings), so I didn’t take anything for it. Today, it’s an itchy bump. Also, all last week, a friend of mine was very sick with what turned out be some kind of worm infection? He said people only get it with infections. He was in pretty bad shape, I saw him on Sunday and told me all about it. He was recovering well by the time i saw him. Anyway, I know it’s not that because I’m not urinating, vomiting, and so on blood.

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