I’m Tired

I worked hard today for six cans of pork and beans. I am exhausted. I just don’t eat well enough for this kind labor. It’s a good thing I don’t do it ever day. I have cut my volunteer time down to once every week or two. They let me do my laundry when I need it, otherwise I wouldn’t go in at all. Today, however, they were short on volunteers so stuck around. It gets tough on the weekend food-wise, so I exchanged today for something to eat tomorrow.

I did get fed too. One of the ladies brought in some green bean casserole and another sent out for a couple McDonald’s cheeseburgers for me. It is so good to eat every now and then, but it really dehydrated me too, what with all this heat we’ve been having. It’s been 113 to 115 degrees the past day or so. I’m sure that has a lot to do with being so tired.

I don’t mind the heat. If I did, I wouldn’t be living here in Satan George, Utah. It sure beats other weather areas, say 50 degrees below zero, for instance. In fact, since I’ve been here, it hasn’t been below 30 degrees a single time. I admit, I do get discouraged in the rain, but only because I can’t just launder my clothes every time I’ve gotten them wet and muddy. Otherwise, I’d enjoy that too, for the most part.

Oh, but I’m way off topic, I think as I start nodding off while typing in my secondary seat at the library.

And suddenly, I’m awake! A pretty girl just smiled at me. Ahh, that was nice. I wish I could curl up in her lap and purr. She’s been sitting near me since I got here, but didn’t look at me when I sat down. She got up, I thought it was to leave, but she just came back and I smiled and waited for her to look at me, and to my amazement, she smiled back. I’d sire all her children for that. Of course, I do have a full stomach right now. I already kinda feel like a well fed kitten. You know how their bellies get so big they feel like they could pop when you pick them up. All they want to do is get comfy and sleep it off.

She’s reading The Elephant Man. And she has got a body I wish I could fondle and nibble on for ever! She is a regular here at the St. George, Utah branch of the Washington County Library. I’ve drooled over her before, but this is the first time she has acknowledged my existence. In a good way even. Her eyes are lazy, but pretty, like a hound dog. She even has Em’s gorgeous eyebrows. Her hair is brown and she has lovely, long eyelashes.

I know she reads a lot, I wonder if she writes. A couple of the best stories I’ve ever written were collaborations with others. My sister and I wrote a wonderful tongue twister years ago, and in junior high I was in a creative writing class and did some collaboration.

Well, she’s gone now. I think the book was too boring for her, she started turning the pages skimming, looking for something interesting. She did smile at me again though. I was sitting here staring at her wondering how to spell tongue, when she decide to give up on the book. She looked right up into me, smiled and left. She won’t be back. Even if she stayed to find another book, she’ll get a seat where dirty, tent dwellers aren’t lusting over her.

She’s gone. I just checked the dictionary and did a quick scan of the room. I wonder if she’ll notice me the next time we’re here.

Back to being tired again.

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