My Celebrity Crush

As you know, I have the hots for Miss Emma Watson. I have taken to downloading pictures of her from my favorite-and the best-Emma Watson Internet fan website, That website has a contest every week for fans to create Emma logo banners for Wednesday displays on the site. They have a different banner each day of the week except for Wednesday, that is reserved for each weeks winner. I’ve been learning Adobe Photoshop 6 from the Classroom in a Book book here at the library, and intend to enter the contest. I may not make it, there is only a couple more weeks left of the contest, and I just don’t know enough about computer photo editing.

Computer video editing on the other hand. . . Funny thing is, I’ve had Adobe Photoshop 6 since the year it came out and have never used it. I acquired a full suite of Adobe products for American Campbell, my amateur movie company. I got comfortable with Adobe After Effects 5.0 and Adobe Premiere 6, but never did anything with Photoshop 6.

I just got done downloading all the pics from Em’s arrival at the Wedding Crashers Premiere. She is so beautiful, and it tears me to peaces that she was so self conscience about her braces. She’s just as pretty with or without them, I hope she starts to realize it. She’s always been so comfortable in front of the camera.

Still, there are some marvelous shots of her. There’s one particular I’ll try to make a nice desktop wallpaper out of. My current wallpaper is a colorful wallpaper I made several years ago of Sally Peep from NBC’s The 10th Kingdom. It’s been my wallpaper for. . . what five years now? I acquired it with an All-In-Wonder video-capture card, way back then. Though Kimberly Williams (the Star of The 10th Kingdom) was as radiant as usual, the character Sally Peep just stole the show for me.

I wish I could get as colorful an image of Emma or Hermione. I consider it a great travesty for Emma that the Harry Potter movies have to take place in England. In the movies, England has to be portrayed as gray and gloomy, maybe it is in real life, I wouldn’t know. I wish we could see Emma Watson in a movie like The tenth Kingdom, though, where everything is as fun, vibrant, and colorful. Maybe the directer of Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix will lighten things up for us. Beauty deserves beauty, after all, and it is unfortunate that Emma has not been afforded it, yet.

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