No Flower For Me

Well, I guess I don’t get that flower I was hoping for. Count that among my disappointments. I suspected as much the day I wrote the blog concerning Flower. She never got the message I sent her.

After a week of not being contacted, I asked the woman I gave the note to if she had ever given it to the girl. She told me no, that Flower had not been home so it had been slid under the door in an envelope with Flowers name on it.

There is two things that may have occurred. One is that no one noticed the letter shoved under the door and it just got lost. The second is that my friend who was supposed to deliver the note wrote the wrong name on the envelope and Flowers mother opened it and didn’t understand a single thing about it.

I worry about the second option, and I wonder. (Though not for the reason you may assume, mothers have always loved me, and I know her grandparents like me.) The day I first met Flower, my friend, an 86-or-so year old woman, never got the poor girl’s name right. At one point, Flower turned to her and asked my friend why she kept calling her by Flower’s mothers name. Now, this lady, who is my friend, gets everyones name wrong. Carrying a conversation with her about someone else is sometimes difficult because I never know if she’s talking about the person whose name she uses or someone else altogether.

I was never introduced to Flower, so I don’t even know her name. I mean, I think I know her name is the name of a flower (hence the code name Flower), but I can’t be sure that that name is not hers at all, but her mothers, whom I have never even seen. All I have is the word of my friend, who gets everyones name wrong.

Now, there is a small chance that Flower did get my message, but just hasn’t got a way to respond yet. She might not have Internet access or her own e-mail address. Perhaps she’s been puring over my 37 page website trying to get to know me and just hasn’t felt ready to respond. She might just be waiting until she comes back to St. George next month to talk to me in person, that’s respectable. Who can say for sure but her.

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