Pink & Blue

Girls wear pink. Boys wear blue. That’s just the way it is. Since we were children that was how we were distinguished between the genders. That’s not to say that we each must always dress in such simplistic manner, or that we must like those particular colors.

My favorite color is green. Green has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. My next favorite color would have to be pink. Pink, you think? Yes, that’s right I love pink just as much as I like green. I hate blue though.

My mom’s favorite color is blue. In fact, you could say she is obsessed with the color blue, even to her detriment. Everything she buys with a color choice has to be blue. She is very adamant about this. Even when selecting gifts for people who prefer better colors, she buys blue.

Therefore, I have a blue shirt. It’s still “Hawaiian” in basic design, just no Hawaiian colors. It’s blue. I hate blue. However, I do wear the shirt, for I have made a personal observation that most girls prefer blue. (No, I do not get any better acceptance for it, but I’m still hoping.)

I wonder about this. To me girls girls look best in pinkish clothes. I think most men prefer that color too. Women are often expected to wear colorful attire, after all. And you can’t have a more pleasing color that pink for a woman to wear. On the other hand, men seem more expected to wear blue. We are not expected to wear attire that is pleasing to us, but clothes designed to attract woman.

Could it be true that men prefer pick where woman prefer blue? It would explain why babies are dressed in the respective color to their gender. After all, we all tend to cherish and pamper those objects and materials that please us, why not a stinky, crying, torment of a baby?

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