Slow Spell

I haven’t felt much like writing this week. It’s not “writers block” (if such a thing even exists), I have plenty of ideas, I just don’t want to take the initiative. More like laziness, I just don’t feel like taking the time, or exerting the energy to write.

I’m writing this blog just to have something to post today. I don’t have any type of goal on my blog, but I like having something new every day in case someone is interested.

I hate to think how little I’ll write if I get a girlfriend/wife. One of the main reasons I write is because I don’t have anyone to talk with about the things which I write. I didn’t realize that until just now. Were I to have a “help meet”, I wouldn’t need this outlet.

I have recognized the inconvenience of carrying my laptop everywhere I go. It’s a hassle to have to pack it into the backpack just to use the toilet or [gulp] approach a girl. There have been a couple times at the park I wondered if I had caught the eye of a pretty girl too far away to know for sure and unprepared to leave my computer to find out.

It’s not even that expensive. A computer connoisseur may recognize it as an old peace of junk and not bother with it, but there are several stereotypical homeless/addicts/alcoholics/etc. who would take the thing to a pawnshop in a heartbeat, if given one. It might be worth twenty bucks to them at best.

Too me, however, it is worth a bit more than that. Before I got it, I told everyone that if I had a laptop computer, it would be my “ticket to the future”. And it is. Problem is, I’m just sitting on it (the future, not the laptop).

I have become so content with my life, that I’m not writing towards the future I dream of. I’m stuck with no alternative, yet I have neither desire nor drive. What purpose will it serve me to write these things at this time, which is the welcome mat to the second coming of Jesus Christ?
There are going to be many disasters in the next quarter century. The population will be cut by half twice between now and when Christ comes. Every mountain and every island will be moved, governments are going to collapse, society as we know it will no longer function. Publishers are not going to publishing, readers are not going to be reading. The whole world will be struggling to survive.

Where do any of my stories fit into that future?

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