The Movie Critique 007

I saw a really good movie last Wednesday. Sahara. It’s a Dirk Pitt adventure based on the book by Clive Cussler. I loved it. At first, I thought the picture was crowded- it was filmed in widescreen, but they spend too much time zoomed in on the action, it was too close and hard to tell what was going on- but they backed off more for the rest of the film so it was kinda alright.

It was a great adventure, and fun to watch. The characters were fun and the actors did an excellent job. That casting was superb except for the buck-toothed Penelope Cruz. I really do not know why this woman is in the film business.

The take on Dirk Pitt was unexpected. I remember him being a one man show of perfect invincibility from the only Dirk Pitt novel I ever read, Vixen 03. In the movie Sahara, his side kick seems the better hero, but the two combined make a great duo and with the rest of the gang, the admiral and the computers guy, they are an awesome team. I hope to other Clive Cussler adventures of Dirk Pitt with the same cast- minus miss Cruz of course. Demi Moore or Katie Holmes would better fit the character, or Lucy Liu.

My hat goes off to Mr. Cussler for holding out for his way or no way. Gives the rest of us hope.

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