Natalia Sings

*note I tried to publish this poem on but the losers have a 20 line, 60 char/line limit.

Natalia Sings
by Wesley Owen Campbell

Internet beauty Natalia looks
Russian queen of dance and books
Images call for romance divine
Never to see a model so fine
Always so pure to me she sings

Another on Earth for her to find
Looking for someone loving and kind
Eternally mated we may be
King for her and queen for me
So enchanting Natalia sings

Ever not single in unanswered calls
Ever together to fill empty halls
Nothing but time and grace from above
Kind images sent by an angel with love
Over the seas sweat Natalia sings

Together with Natalia is a dream so true
Acquaintances only would be too blue
To love and to hold through time without end
You never can doubt that close of a friend
Always so pure Natalia sings

Natalia from Russia sings her desire
A flame to rage and burn like fire
Keeping thoughts of her for ever more
Only letters and pictures to adore
Never an end to me she sings

One picture to start of a Russian dancer
Now visions of futures abound with her
Occasions they bring of romanticism
Vain plots to cross a great schism
And still so precious Natalia sings

Entertainment a plenty upon my mind
Loving snapshots of her so kind
Entrancement so blinding to lead my feet
Natalia someday for me to meet.
Again so sweet to me she sings

Forever I’ll wonder why me she chose
Entrance to love I’ll always suppose
Every man who sees her wants to dance
Loves pleasures I alone will prance
Oh how lovely Natalia sings

Vigil I’ll stand against jealousy’s fears
Another reason to stop the tears
Nothing to stop us on our quest
All the desires for the rest
Together with me Natalia sings

Alone we are nothing together we’re whole
Loneliness forbidden is our goal
In time together we will ring
A song Natalia started to sing

**note there is more to this than meets the eye. I will explain in detail at a much later date.

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