The Movie Critique 009

YeeHa! I am a huge Dukes of Hazard (original television series) fan. I went to the new Dukes of Hazard motion picture remake expecting the worst. It wasn’t nearly that bad. It wasn’t as good as it should have been, but it didn’t totally suck either. It was a modern rendition. I disagreed with much it, but, yes, I did enjoy it. As a matter of fact, I found myself responding favorably to much of the show. Things I didn’t like, Daisy’s a blond! That was totally wrong. The “good ol’ boys” aren’t good ol’ boys. They degraded Bo, Luke, and even Uncle Jesse. In the original t.v. series, the Dukes were like grown up Hardy Boys, in this rendition, there like Dumb and Dumber let loose with the General Lee. The swearing was uncalled for and the pot-smoking innuendo was beyond over-the-top. They didn’t honk that horn enough for me. I love that horn. Other than those changes, it is not unlike the t.v. series. If you decide to watch it because of what I have written, I have to give you heads up; when I first saw the General Lee, I about died, and left the theater, it’s missing the confederate fag and the words “General Lee” on the top. Don’t fret like I did (How in the world can they they make a Dukes of Hazard without the REAL General Lee?!?), Scooter fixes everything you won’t like about the car when you first see it. YeeHa!!!

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