Wireless Now

Hello everybody! I now have wireless internet access! Yippi! So now, I will be available on Yahoo! Instant Messenger nearly all day every day. I don’t have many contacts yet, so send me an invite. I’ve had this wireless card for a while, but I couldn’t find any public access points at my normal hang-outs. Finally, the Washington County [communist bas@#$&s] Library got they’re act together and opened their AP for anyone with a laptop. We still have to have a library card to access the internet, but I’ve had one for well over a year. I’m such a happy camper.

I’ve had my laptop setup as a dual boot system with s%&*tdows because my previous internet service provider [Juno/Netzero] doesn’t support Linux. Now, I can do everything from my Linux [Debian Sarge of course] box. Not only that, but now that I have a good high speed connection, I am able to keep Debian properly updated on the bleeding edge.

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