Terrifying Video

As big a fan as I am of Emma Watson (yes, another post on my favorite celebrity crush), I do not often go out of my way to watch the videos of her located on Emma-Watson.net. I just browse the news from time to time and, on occasion, I’ll watch one of the interviews. (I am a much bigger Superman fan, and I’ve been keeping just as close an eye on the production journals of the long-awaited Superman Returns movie at Brian’s Journals.)

Anyway, on the February 14th post, Megan made the comment that Em was “politely and sincerely asking people in the crowd not to push and shove one another”. I thought oh, this ought to be cute, so I watched the video.

Friends, I was in absolute terror! It was clear and plain as day to see that Miss Watson was SCARED!

I have never been to one of those things, and find it hard to believe that it was done in such a careless manner. When I think of signings, I picture an organized single file line with the celebrity at the end sitting in a comfortable chair, greeting guests and signing autographs. What I saw on that video was absolute chaos. And I hate that word (because the concept doesn’t exist). It was terrifying for me to watch. It was Emma against a mob!

Well, Miss Watson did a spectacular job in handling the situation. I do not know how she does it. I would have thrown my hands up and left. I’m glad I’m not a 15 year old celebrity. And I don’t care how much money she makes, She is not paid enough to tolerate that kind of behavior, from fans and whoever orchestrated that signing. Period.

I think, from now on I’ll just stick with the interviews, where she is calm and relaxed and not terrified for the safety of her life and the wellbeing of her fans.

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