Dilapidated ThinkPad

When I first bought this laptop, it was 5 years old and in pristine condition. Since then, it has been used and abused to the max. The thing is falling apart. It’s been dropped numerous times, hit by a car, and smashed with groceries and laundry. If I had the money, I’d buy a new one.
The cover is cracked. The seems are broken apart. The battery latch is broken so the battery is taped in with duct tape. The AC power supply cord has been spliced together near the tip where it plugs into the computer. The battery itself no longer charges and isn’t recognized by the BIOS or OS’s any more.

It still turns on though. It may be dilapidated, and held together with tape, but it’s still ticking. Everyday, I plug it in and do my writing. The LCD screen is still in great shape, and none of the internal components are worn out. It functions and continues to serve my purpose. But for how long?

I am very impressed with this IBM ThinkPad 390. It has been good to me and I appreciate that. I have cause to worry though. I have been slacking on my book. You know, the one that’s been “nearing completion” now for months. I’ve let myself get distracted with various inconsequential matters, like my blog, webpage, instant messenger, the internet in general, and the ever-present girl problem.

Well, IBM built an excellent computer, sturdy and durable. But nothing lasts forever. I only hope it will outlast my unnecessary procrastination. I keep telling myself, all I have to do is finish this book and get it sold. Of course, I say that about getting out of Satan George, Utah, so I can meet a real woman too. You’d think that alone would be enough incentive to stop lallygagging around and get to work.

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