Just Like Home

Believe it or not, I am now watching it snow from the south window of the St. George branch of the Washington County Library. It is sticking too. Boy, it is really coming down, just like home. It started about 10 minutes bore 11:00 AM, here at the library and was sticking by 11.

This morning, before I even crawled out of my tent, I knew it had snowed. All the years of living up north and waking up to snow, I know what it feels like. I have never liked snow, but I do enjoy the feelings it brings. I love watching it from windows. It is so mesmerizing and beautiful.

Watching this snow is making me homesick. I wish I could afford to move back up to Island Park, Idaho, or even West Yellowstone, Montana. I’d be there now if I had a place to live. There is so much about that area that makes it better than Satan George, Utah.

First and foremost, are the girls. They are so nice, and accepting, and kind. Guys like me can have friends in women there. There’s no heinous allegations to worry about. They are just as beautiful and wonderful as the scenery, which is the next best thing about the area.

I love the forests too, and the wildlife. That’s the type of environment I wish I could raise a family with. The crystal clear waters and the grassy meadows. The moose and the threat of bear. The bike rides and hikes. The thin mountain air. The lodgepole pines and crackling campfires.

Oh, somebody take me home.

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