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So, the girls think I’m scary. O.K., I’m scary. I do not understand it, but I do accept it. To some extent. I do have to wonder what they think of me when I start giggling over a fun magazine story.

Two weeks ago, since the internet was down, (it’s still down by the way) I picked up the February 2006 copy of the New Era magazine. In it there is a story titled Independence Day, about a man with a pornography addiction. I admit, the seriousness of the subject matter, but I had to laugh.

If you haven’t read the article, you should. In fact, I think every young woman should read this story. It is up-lifting and encouraging. I envy Christopher for his opportunity to know such a wonderful woman. I would give anything to meet a girl just like her.

As the story goes, this guy was about to turn down the chance to go to a church dance with his younger sister and her friends. He was contemplating staying home and indulging in the filthy lusts of porn browsing, but because of the clever teasing and nagging of one the sister’s friends, he decided to go, and ended up having a great time. And he avoided his temptations, which gave him the time to face his addiction and make the right choice in how to handle the problem.

That’s the uplifting part. The part that made it such an enjoyable read for me was the personality of the woman, who was the friend of his sister. I like the idea of girls like her existing in reality. She was clever, witty, flirtatious, and persistent. Some of the things she said was so cute, I found myself giddy and at times laughed out loud.

At one point, Hanna makes the following statement: “Kaitlyn says you scare girls away because you don’t know how to talk to them”. How profound that statement is, to me as well as all the Christophers out there. Christopher needed to hear it. Her words and attention put everything into perspective for him. Hanna was just what Christopher needed.

I don’t have the problems with pornography that Christopher had, but because of the rejection that I have experienced here in Satan George, Utah, I have become just as withdrawn. I too once knew how to talk to girls and prided myself in the interactions I had. I wish I could have that same intervention.

I think every guy deserves a “Hanna Bannana Happy Piana”.

The story never mentioned where that relationship lead, but, being the romantic that I am, I imagine those two forming a healthy friendship and temple marriage. The Lord knows, that woman deserves nothing less. 😉

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