Unexpected Devastation

I am crushed. Pun intended. My Emma Watson source, Emma-Watson.net closed Sunday. I checked it Saturday evening before leaving the library, but when I tried to visit the site last night, there was nothing but a notice from Jo that she was leaving the site.

The notice reads that Fred will be taking over, but that the site is closed until then, which the site estimates is one to two months from now. Fred is going to overhaul the whole thing. Why he cannot just keep the existing site operational while he does so is beyond me. I do it with my own website. You keep the existing pages up until the new ones are ready, then you just upload the new one. Downtime is less than a second.

I’m going to miss Jo. She ran a cool site and is very interested in Emma’s career. I think she did a wonderful job. I also think the rest of the staff did a good job, and feel bad for Megan and the rest of the newcomers, who seem to be left high and dry with Jo’s sudden [rash] decision. I wonder if Fred will let them be a part of the new site. I hope so. I wish I had the time and resources to devote to such a pursuit, I’d love to be a liaison to Emma from her fans.

Well Oh…

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