Waldo in the Nude

As you know, I live in a tent out in the desert. I also go to the local food bank and volunteer every morning. On Mondays, in exchange for the hours I work, I am allowed the privilege of doing my laundry. This is an opportunity I look forward to and appreciate. Without that offer, I would be as dirty and grungy as the homeless.

Well, today is Monday; laundry day. However, today an electrician is working on rewiring the laundry facility so I am unable to wash my clothes. This is quite the dilemma for me. It poses two factors of consideration. Since I live so far out in the desert, I try not to carry much weight unless I have to. And, I hate carrying around all my dirty clothes.

So, I took a trash bag and transferred all my dirty clothes into it from my backpack and left it for tomorrow. I am a bit nervous about doing so though. What if the place caught fire tonight? All my clothes would be lost.

I had this thought of having to traverse life in Satan George, Utah in the nude. I would have to streak from place to place. Look at that, Look at that! ♪ “Boogie-dy, boogie-dy. And he ain’t wearing no clothes!” ♪ – Ray Stevens, The Streak.

I’m not so certain anyone would look though. In my dreams, when I dream about being naked, nobody looks. Nobody cares. I wander around amongst well populated areas, and no one ever gives me a glance. Sometimes I come across other naked people in my dreams and they are confused about the same thing. How come nobody is looking?

Dream symbologists* say being naked represents pure honesty and openness. I think that is true. My whole life is an open book. My lifestyle, everything about me available for anyone to see and learn. Yet, nobody takes the time to get to know me. Even people I’ve known for a while refuse to accept that it is so simple to know the true me. That’s the primary reason I have such a significant web presence. So anyone who is interested, may learn about me and accept who I am.

And nobody looks.

I am still having much trouble with that woman who took those dangerous allegations to my religious authority. She and her family wanted to believe I was a monstrous deviant. They refused to learn for themselves who I was. They never contacted me. They never went to my website. They just didn’t care.

I am naked, for the whole world to see. I am a human being. Just like them, just like you. We are all children of God. We are brothers and sisters, siblings in the spirit.

*It’s not a word, but it sounds like it should be. For those who care, the correct word is symbolists. 🙂

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