Webpage Update

Well, I spent the day updating the info on my About Me page. I hope it comes across as more friendly. I added a few new paragraphs and a bunch of smileys. I was concerned that despite the fact I had included my web address on that thank-you card, that woman was scared of me. I thought maybe they had either never visited the site, or were intimidated by it.

Well, anyway the new page can be viewed at:
index.html and index.html

I also changed my request for donations section of all the pages. It now includes an additional paragraph under the PayPal donate buttons with a link to My Wish List page, which I intend to rewrite someday.

I’m also having a problem uploading on the 100free server again, so it may be a few days until the changes can be viewed there.

Waldo’s Web – Geocities server.

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