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Easter weekend marked the 27th annual arts festival in Satan George, Utah this year. I enjoy this festival, it reminds me of a mini-miniature Boise River Festival. I have a lot of good memories of that festival when it first started.

The arts festival is similar because of the various performance stages. I particularly enjoy the “library” stage. That’s the stage designated more for children and families-I think. It’s by far the funnest place to be all day long.

I was at the library stage all day Friday and thoroughly enjoyed the performers who were willing to show up despite the rain-sprinkling day. I don’t have the program with me at this time, so I won’t go into detail about who was there and my favorite parts. It was fun.

I spent all day Saturday at the same stage. Towards the middle of the day, however, I got up between shows for a toilet trip. On my way, I happened across a twenty dollar bill. There was no way I would be able to track down the original owner, so I claimed it for my self.

During the rest of the day, I pondered what I would be spending my new fortune on. There are many things I need, but twenty dollars just isn’t enough to buy any of them.

At one point, I shifted my position on the grass and heard the ruffle of the grocery sack I was wearing over my right sock. Because of the rain the previous day, and the hole worn into the sole of my right shoe, I had rapped the sack over that foot to help keep it dry. That’s when it dawned on me that a new pair of shoes may be purchased for under twenty dollars.

So, after the last performance at my favorite stage, I went shopping. First I went to K-mart then to Wal-mart to compare shoes and prices. K-mart had some shoes in the price range, and even some that would be on sale for less than ten dollars starting Sunday, the next day. None of them were anything I was particularly excited about though.

Wal-mart seemed to have even less. I was just about to consign myself to one of K-marts shoes, when, as I was leaving the shoe department, I saw a price tag for under ten dollars. The shoe seemed just what I was looking for. I tried it on, and sure enough, I found my new shoes.

I have been wearing them since Sunday after church. They are a lot more comfortable than those Ozark Trail shoes I bought way back in 2004. These are nine dollars and eighty-seven cent Athletic Works. I don’t know if they will last as long and the Ozark Trail shoes did, and they are not water proof, which is a must in rainy Satan George, Utah, but I did keep the Ozarks and a plastic sack, for those particular days.

So far, I am very satisfied with my new shoes. I remember when I bought my last pair, I had severe blisters within hours of wearing them. Not so this time. Those Ozark Trails were not made for walking, and my feet are definitely happier campers with the Athletic Works.

I got nine dollars and fifty-one cents back at Wal-mart. I think I’ll by a package of Hanes briefs. 😀

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