Make The First Move

O.k., despite the fact that I really don’t like the majority content of magazines targeted toward young women, I do read them every month to just keep informed of what this satanic society is feeding the lovely damsels. Often, I am appalled. However, on occasion, I do find articles that tickle my entertainment/romantic funny bone.

On page 125 of the May 2006 issue of Seventeen, there is an article with the caption, “cute guys reveal the little things girls have done to win them over”. It’s not really an article, just a bunch of quotes from presumably ‘cute’ guys.

Before I get started though, I have to chuckle about that assertion being as there’s no pictures associated with the quotes to substantiate the declaration. Who then is to say these quotes are from handsome, or good looking, [cute] guys? Shouldn’t that be left for the girls to decide?

Anyway, I like what most of them had to say. In fact, I consider all but one of these guys totally lucky. Like hundred-million-dollar-lotto-winning lucky. With the exception of one, the girls these guys are talking about are totally hot and attractive.

Russell mentions a girl who paid attention to him and remembered the things he told her. She surprised him with a picnic with his favorite treats, so cool!

During a conversation with a girl he had recently met, Kevin was interrupted mid-sentence to be told by her “you’re really cute”. I’d love that to happen to me. For some reason, girls don’t like it when guys do it them, but I’ll bet Kevin and I are not the only guys who would like it.

The whole situation Andrew details is to die for! I’d have loved to have been him that night. What a dream come true. He tells it real well too. He calls it the most unexpected and totally romantic situation he had ever been in. Would it work on me? Oh yeah, especially if the girls timing and delivery were as good as I dream his encounter was. I picture a coy, shy tease with a penetrating look and smirk just daring him to kiss her. 😉

‘Spell it out’ by Joe is something I think every hot woman should read. This girl shows brass and that just makes her more attractive. As he’s struggling with his words, she leans in and whispers “I really like you-you don’t have to be nervous”. Wow! I picture this athletic junior high Barbie-doll (volleyball player), who could have any man in the world.

What Frank said, though cool, I’m not entirely certain would work with me. I love the concept, especially how she kept looking right at him the whole time, but I’m not exactly sure what a girl singing Ricky Nelson songs would be like. Maybe if she performed a scene from my favorite movie just for me. . . Actually, I’m sure it would work either way.

Jonny had an experience similar to Kevin, only this time the girl kissed him! Right on. That would be soooo cool. . . as long as she wasn’t doing it just to shut me up. Like I’m so cute she just couldn’t help herself, on the other hand, now that would be awesome.

Noah, you make girls expect too much. No girl will ever get me by imploring the ‘lure him in’ concept. For that to work with me she would have to post a neon sign flashing out “Wesley pick up my book and bring it to me, I really like you and I’ll kiss you!” to it.

Daniel definitely has a point. The simplicity of an “old-school handwritten note” complete with check-boxes would be adorable. I will also add, that such a technique may make me giddy and young feeling, the way we felt in elementary school.

Going the distance as Dan explains it is always a good thing for an interested girl to do. Though I am not athletic, I do often imagine having a girl who likes me enough to always watch me when I do things. The concept of showing interest in me regardless what others think and say is extremely attractive.

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