The Prince and the Pea

I’m getting hairy. As you can tell from the pictures of me on my profiles and webpages, I keep my hair real short. The short you happen to get when you run a Mach III razor over it. It must be at least a quarter inch. I hate it. I call it my ‘hippie hair’.

Other people seem to like it. Of course they would, I have beautiful hair. Always have. But, I don’t shave it for looks. I have an irritable scalp. Having hair is very uncomfortable and even painful. I am a very sensitive person.

Ever heard the story of the Princess and the Pea? I’m like that, only not a girl and not with peas. Even from when I was little, I could not wear shirts or pants with tags or even the socks that seam at the tip of the toes. These things super bug me and irritate my skin. My scalp is the worst though. I have to wash it several times a day to stop the discomfort and help suppress the urge to scratch it.

You may as well call me the prince and the pea.

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