C++ Demystified

Well, I have read a lot of different books on C++, but, after just finishing C++ Demystified (Jeff Kent, McGraw-Hill/Osborne), I have to say that it is the best. It’s easy to read and progresses in a logical manner, unlike that 21 day BS. The edition I read was copyrighted 2004.

Anyway, on the back of the book, I found the following statement that I think nails the issue perfectly, “C++ Demystified is your shortcut to mastering C++”. That is my thoughts exactly. I would love to have this book as one of my references.

It is a beginner style book, so if you’re interested in beginning programming with C++, I suggest this book. Even if you’re an experienced coder, this is a great reference. It was a excellent refresher for me, to bad I haven’t got a legitimate reason to know it.

I seem to do this a every few years, I read everything I can on C++ and end up wishing I had a reason to program. I can’t even call it a hobby. I know C++, but all the programs I need and use have already been written! Well, maybe someday. 😀

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