Just to let you know, there’s only 2 more days until the best Emma Watson fansite reopens. I cannot wait! I have been missing the news and information forever. I hope they will let us know how things turned out concerning the birthday projects we prepared for her back in April.

And, there is 1 month, 3 days, 13 hours until Superman Returns is released in theaters. If you haven’t seen the trailers, or T.V. ads yet, goto: I have noticed, however, that most of the Quicktime movies don’t work on my library’s computer-could be a firewall problem, or maybe they really are broken links. I do know that the windows media versions are working, though the quality sucks. My favorite is the international trailer, which does have a working Quicktime link. It’s nearly 34 mb though, so if you have a slow connection, you may have to try the little files.

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