Superman Returns

(Int. Daily planet: chief’s office, Jimmy Olson has a photograph)
Chief: What have you got Olson?
Jimmy: look in the sky Chief.
Lois: It’s bird.
Chief: It’s a plane.
Jimmy: No, look, it’s-
(Enter Clark Kent)
Clark: You wanted to see me?

How fun! It’s a scene from the trailer to Superman Returns. At last, I have finally seen the real trailer. For the longest time all you could see on the net was the teaser. I admit, I haven’t been looking into the Superman Returns site for a while, so I don’t know how long the preview has been out, so I have been getting fairly worried that the release date for the movie is so close and still there hasn’t been a real preview for the movie.

Being on the library computer, I couldn’t watch the Quicktime version from the official site, so I had to watch it on Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! rules!! I’d give anything to have been able to watch it on my own computer, but the library wireless internet service is still down. Hey, go watch it and let me know what you think. 🙂

It is a totally awesome preview! I can watch it over and over again, like I did with Star Wars prequel previews. I hope this movie is not as big a let down as the Star Wars 3 was. Already there are some things about Superman Returns that I am not going to like.

One of my greatest fears about Superman Returns is that the director would make it a dark movie, like he did to the X-Men movie. I’ve always known the new suit is not going to be the colorful primary colors Reeve’s suit was (or even the comic book’s suit), but I was hoping the exterior scenes would be real-world bright and colorful like the original movies. No such luck. Most of the shots in the preview show the cliché dark and dreary weather conditions. The reason Hollywood does this is because it’s easier to blend the new style special effects. Most of these scenes are filmed in a studio, but when you take studio footage and superimpose it onto a sunlit background, the studio lit shots stick out like a sore thumb. So they change the background to match the overcast look of the studio shots. This gives the movie a claustrophobic feel. I hate every aspect of a dark and dreary outdoors. I’ve lived my whole life in the outdoors, and it is rarely that gloomy, even on rainy, overcast days, which tends to bring the color out of everything.

I was taken aback by Brandon’s voice. It’s kinda high and whiny. It’s not the voice I was expecting Clark Kent to have. I wonder if he changes it for Superman. Hmmm.

Another modern Hollywood cliché this movie is going to endorse is the single mom thing. Lois Lane with baggage? Whatever. Stupid idiots. I have been worried how they were going to handle this. Judging from the preview, I think it may turn out alright. I love Clark’s reaction when Jimmy tells him Lois is a “mommy”, he breaks the picture they’re looking at! You can see the anger. 😀 Looks like there’s some major friction between Lois and the man of steel. I think it will work, add a good plot thickener, give Superman some additional emotional struggles.

Well, I think this movie is going to rock. It has the potential to be the best superhero movie in two decades. I cannot wait to see it.

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